A Habit of Kindness

Your Healing Toolkit

A Habit of Kindness is designed to be used as support between our one on one & group healing sessions or as a catapult during times of transition.  

We are so accustomed to being comfortable and when things start to reflect the work we are doing spiritually change starts to affect the shape of our lives,  we get uncomfortable.  It's that time between, as a new normal is beginning to come through for us.  

The Habit of Kindness cultivates the gentleness that allows for a release of the internal clinging to ideas and expectations made in our mind based on fear; the things that keep us stuck.  The mind will only take us so far in transition and then the heart must play a bigger role, the heart must carry us through to the other side because the reality is the mind can not fathom the possibility that exists beyond itself.  That is the mystery of transition, we want more, we cant see it, we don’t know what it looks like or feels like but we crave the other side.  A Habit of Kindness provides the framework for holding your own hand when things get tough a  connection to Self so that you know what you feel, you know what you need and you can take action, asking for support with clarity, setting foundations that are congruent with the direction of your vision.  

These tools will support you in staying true to your vision and grounded in your truth as you move through spiritual, mental and emotional change. 

It equips you with all the tools you need to get unstuck and moving forward with your life.  In a gentle and heart supported way. 

Course Curriculum

Pre & Post Breathwork Self Care
Grounding & Self Support
How to do the Breath
7 minute Breathwork Meditation
30 Minute Breathwork Meditation
Yin Meditation
Self Exploration Exercises

What's included?

4 Texts
4 Audios

What others have been saying about working with Annalise:

I started doing breathwork with Annalise Sullivan of Spirited Roots. Putting into words what I’ve experienced through this practice is next to impossible. How do you explain to someone what it feels like to cradle yourself for the first time in your life? How do you share what it’s like to feel wholly seen and accepted, what it’s like to see and accept others wholly? How do you describe what it means to feel your pain and grief so viscerally, and then witness it dissipate to the tune of a collective birthing?  - Amy Lynn 

I am going to be absolutely honest with myself. For the longest time I had this image/idea of traveling to a majestic coastline, sitting along side the ocean listening and watching while writing a love letter to someone I truly love and intend spending the rest of my life with. Daring to show up for myself each day has given me the freedom to explore and unveiled that in fact I am that special person. This entire time I have been longing to write to my authentic self. Breathwork is a radical stimulus to the greatest vows of my life and at the top and center it reads “Self Love". - Prashanth 

Annalise Sullivan
Annalise Sullivan

About the instructor

Annalise Sullivan, is Vancouver's foremost Breathwork facilitator and Intuitive Healing practitioner.  Her passion to create internal wholeness keeps her creating opportunities and healing experiences that bring you into connection with your radical whole self.  You can catch her monthly at the Dharma Temple in Vancouver, BC  or at her peaceful East Van oasis for personalized one on one sessions.    

The kindest way to bring yourself, to you. 

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