VITAL SELF is a 6 week healing journey for people who want to move beyond their limited programming and step into deeper understanding of their emotions, intuition, and self.   More than this, it is a foundation for your spiritual development.  

We use the body to heal, preparing the mind for spiritual connection and development.

Develop a closer relationship with the absolutely necessary and essential parts of you.  Notice the interweaving of all that makes you a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and very alive human. 
This Virtual Course is six weeks of noticing, noticing yourself however you are.  A course to guide you toward living a life that brings to an end the damaging internal 'othering' of various parts of yourself.  The quest to be different than you are will being to soften and you will step into recognize all your experiences as sacred.  Learning to accept yourself more than ever before.  

With a gently persuasive curriculum to keep you motivated and showing up with everything you are, as you are.  You will see that practicing integrity in your breathwork will lead you into living a life more profoundly in alignment with your values. 

You will carve out 75 minutes weekly to connect with the course materials, listen to dialogue and practice your active breath.  If it suits your conditions you will also find time to work with the provided resources and practices in self discovery.  

Six is a binding number, six weeks of self exploration and awakening.  Binding yourself to the good, the generous and the unequivocally you. 

Step into understanding all your experiences as sacred, move deep into relationship with valuing the messages and tools inherent in your emotional body. 

I am grateful for Spirit and the depth this relationship brings to my life.  It has guided my decisions about where to go, what to do next and what to create since I left my full time day job.  It is my steady anchor and has never lead me wrong.  It is the strongest support.  I love working with the universe.

What you can expect:

- A empowering connection to your emotional body

- A deepening of your ability to know and value what you feel,  so that you can come to trust and rely on yourself.  

- A beginning, a midpoint and a deepening of an intimate relationship with yourself. 

- A how to model for connecting to the only part of you that is permanent.  Your Spirit. 

- The bravery to call on yourself and stay present for the good parts of living,  to be curious and beautifully alive in your life! 

Breathwork is for opening your heart, learning to love yourself, connecting to your soul, recognizing your limiting beliefs, seeing the truth about who you are, getting out of your head, clearing out old energy, resetting your nervous system, recognizing your worth, connecting to Spirit, developing soul strength, getting comfortable being in your body, trusting… 

What other people are saying about Virtual Courses with Annalise: 

"I'd been doing breathwork with Annalise for several months by the time I signed up for her 6-week digital course. I was preparing to leave my full-time job and transition to freelancing, and I was looking for something to support me during this transition. I'm so happy I followed my gut and signed up for the course. It was exactly what I needed at the time - a weekly 'date' with myself when the world around me seemed chaotic and overwhelming. I was curious how Annalise would translate the in-person experience to the digital, but she did so beautifully, and I was able to reap the benefits of breathwork while in the comfort of my own home. If you have the chance to do a 6 week course or any other breathwork format with Annalise, don't hesitate. It will be the best decision you made for yourself, guaranteed." - Amy 

"I have had the pleasure to experience Annalise’s “21 Days of Breathwork” and her six week virtual healing course and am so grateful for these experiences!  Annalise is truly gifted and she generously shares her gifts with everyone.  She creates a safe space where you will feel welcomed to be just as you are.  After her breathwork sessions, I felt grounded within myself and a lightness from letting go of emotions that are no longer serving me.  To anyone recovering from trauma, her approach is an excellent way to tackle somatic aspects that are tethered to the trauma.  It is rare to find someone who is so authentic and pure, and I cannot recommend her enough!” - Mary

I first heard of Annalise’s classes through a friend’s recommendation. She had just finished a breathwork course and said it was so transformative that she wanted to ensure her friends could attend.  She offered to pay for the course of a friend who wanted to go but couldn’t afford to. It was such a strong recommendation that it caught my attention. Soon after I signed up for a 6-week course as a gift to myself, and I’m grateful I did. The course is so deeply personal that what each of us experiences is unique, but what is consistent is the care, kindness and delight of Annalise.

Annalise creates a tender, vulnerable, curious space where you can open to your breath and deeply listen to your body and spirit. She is encouraging and supportive. Holding the journey with ease, spaciousness and a deep trust in the participants.

Felt Sense (the online course I participated in) was beautiful curated from start to finish. The portal is easy to use and available when it works best for you. The questions and worksheets can be engage with in passing or sat with and contemplated at length. The sessions themselves are welcoming and easeful to enter into. Annalise holds the space with sincerity and focus, allowing you to be fully absorbed in your practice. The music during the sessions is beautifully curated and the playlists are available after for you to enjoy on your own.  

I highly recommend working with Annalise. It was the perfect gift to give to myself.  - Jeanette 

Annalise Sullivan
Annalise Sullivan

About the instructor

Annalise Sullivan, is Vancouver's foremost Breathwork facilitator and Intuitive Healing practitioner.  Her passion to create internal wholeness keeps her creating opportunities and healing experiences that bring you into connection with your radical whole self.  You can catch her monthly at the Dharma Temple in Vancouver, BC  or at her peaceful East Van oasis for personalized one on one sessions.    

You don't have to leave your life to find yourself, you just have to look at it.  

Six weeks of noticing you.

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